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Jason with NamakagonToothpick

Meet The Artist – Jason Rabuck

I enjoy a wide variety of outdoor pursuits including wilderness travel, hunting, fishing, horsemanship, and canoeing. In the winter I stay active by cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

In 1998 after considerable moving around and a wide variety of jobs, my wife and I bought a house in Monroe Center, WI – between Wisconsin Dells and Wisconsin Rapids. I began my road to self-employment as a farrier (horseshoer) in 1999. 

I began making knives in 2004 – heating, shaping, and treating a couple of old files in my propane forge. I immediately became obsessed and dedicated myself to improving my craft and aquiring better tools.

Upon moving to the Hayward, WI area in 2007 I decided to pursue my other artistic endeavors in earnest.

I spent most of my childhood and graduated from high school in Lodi, Wisconsin. For sports I ran in both track and cross-country and also played some football. Here’s a little known fact about me: In 1987 I won the state forensics competition for a demonstration speech on turkey hunting and calling! I have also spent considerable time in the New Lisbon, WI area, where both sides of my family have roots.

I received a B.S. degree in Resource Management / Environmental Education with a minor in Biology from the University of Wisconsin in Stevens Point. For a few years after college I worked for various federal and state agencies in natural resources positions including: forester, environmental educator, counselor / crew leader, and wilderness ranger.

My wife, Jennifer, is a true outdoors woman and has contributed to my design ideas. She is a Fire Management Officer for the Chequamegon – Nicolet National Forest. We have a daughter, Morgan, who is in high school. She has been deer and turkey hunting with us since age three. One of our  favorite activities together is looking for shed deer antlers in the Spring.

I performed harmonica, vocals, and guitar in my blues band Live End from 1996 through 2003. I continue to actively practice my music both solo and with others. Current projects include BRAVE COWBOY, a duo with Eric Schubring (banjo, guitar, vocals.)   The music features innovative interpretations of Americana, folk, blues and original music.